On October 13, 2018, the small town of Weiner, Arkansas will gather a large crowd on their streets. We will be celebrating the year of the Arkansas Rice Festival.  People travel from all over the U.S. on the second weekend in October to visit friends, have reunions, and just have a lot of fun in Weiner. We have entertainment, contests, food, crafts, and share lots of memories of days gone by.

In October of 1976, people gathered for the first annual Arkansas Rice Festival.  A group of folks in this busy little town and surrounding areas, decided it was time to celebrate what we were all about........Rice Farming.  Rice has a direct impact on everyone in this area. You either farm, work at the rice mill, or work at some type of grain or fertilizer industry. Without it, none of us would survive in this area.

The state of Arkansas produces more rice than anyone else in the whole USA. In fact, Arkansas produces around 50% of the total of rice production. In our area, Poinsett County, we are almost always the top producing county in the state. Now that is an amazing and an exciting thing to celebrate!

Come see how rice was threshed in the earlier days.  Farmers didn't have big tractors and combines that we now have.  There will be a demonstration showing you just how this was done. The stories and demonstrations are part of the celebration and history of the Arkansas Rice Festival, as well as learning how we harvest rice today with new equipment and technology available to us. 

Come on out and help us celebrate on the second weekend of October.

Arkansas Rice Festival
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